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  • Linux LXC containers

    I like solaris zones and I am using SmartOS on my home servers. A few days ago I need to install virtual servers. KVM uses so much resources, hence I do not want to use them. I searched usages of Docker and LXC containers. A lot of people do not like lightweight virtualization. The famous video is Hitler uses Docker. [read more]

  • Migrate and Using ZFS on Centos

    After I learned what is lvm, I started to use it every time. Creating volumes, resizing them, snapshots,… They are wonderful tools for managing disks. Especially msdos disk label sucks. After gpt I didn’t change my mind. Especially using lvm at at libvirt feels like I am the god of the disks. [read more]

  • Using Ubuntu Inside Centos

    Nowadays I am building custom CM-12 (Lolipop) roms for my i9300. Building requires several libraries however they are not inside Centos baase, update and epel repositories. I do not like using other repositories. And also I know that Ubuntu have all the required packages. However I do not want to install a second Ubuntu OS on my machines with/without using virtualization. [read more]

  • Hardening with Tripwire

    Nowadays, I am trying to harden my servers. I use a benchmark tool named as lynis. After scanning my system, I try to follow lynis recommendations. One of them is using a integrity scan tool for watching file system changes. [read more]

  • Shell in a Box Experineces

    I rent linux vps servers. For managing them I need remote access. I configured sshd, however firewalls may block the ssh port. So I need a web-based remote management with flexibility of ssh. One of my server is hosted at Linode which has a web-based ssh terminal which uses ajax. From this info, I searched ajax ssh terminal at Google and yum. I found the project shell in a box and it is at the EPEL repository. So I installed it. [read more]

  • One Time Passwords on Apache Web Server

    Nowadays I try to manage my virtual servers from browser with shell in a box. I also have post about my experiences with shell in a box. [read more]

  • Timezone Problems

    I always love using my local timezone data in my servers. However I encounter some problems. The significant is postgresql check constraint problem, if I am using date time values in constraint. [read more]

  • iSCSI targets with GlusterFS

    While founding an IT home office work or small business, we can use our old computers as server. However the biggest problem is storage. Each of our machine have a variety of cpu, ram, and hard disk. We can manage these resources to establish efficient deployment. With help of glusterfs, we only relocate our applications with consideration of cpu and ram. [read more]

  • SSH timeouts make me sick with CentOS 7

    I like using CentOS on my servers and desktop machine. After I start using, my ssh connections terminate so quickly if I do not type anything at terminal in a few minutes, may be seconds. It is very annoying when you loose a active connection. [read more]

  • .ssh/config trick

    ssh is most know remote administration tools while managing linux servers, so I use it too. While connecting any server that I manage, I use several parameters for individual server. Every time typing all the parameters is difficult and it can cause several errors like forgetting or mistyping. [read more]