I rent linux vps servers. For managing them I need remote access. I configured sshd, however firewalls may block the ssh port. So I need a web-based remote management with flexibility of ssh. One of my server is hosted at Linode which has a web-based ssh terminal which uses ajax. From this info, I searched ajax ssh terminal at Google and yum. I found the project shell in a box and it is at the EPEL repository. So I installed it.

When I configured, I used one of my virtual machine as a end-point for remote access to my all servers. For each my server I used parameter

-s /hostx/:ssh:hostxaddress

at /etc/sysconfig/shellinaboxd. For security I also add


for running shellinabox on localhost on port 4200. I configured apache httpd as proxy server. Shellinabox uses ssl hence I need to enable ssl proxy on apache with:

SSLProxyEngine On

Of course I setup apache virtual host with SSL support.

For additional security I used OTP. For the configuration of OTP you can look to my post.