I always love using my local timezone data in my servers. However I encounter some problems. The significant is postgresql check constraint problem, if I am using date time values in constraint.

I use a central log database with rsyslog+postgresql. For visualization of logs, I use log analyzer. I have billions of logs in a mount, hence for performance of visualization, I use inherited table property of postgresql and dynamic view table for current month. Twice a year I encounter a lot of ~1k spool files of rsyslog and constraint violation errors at postgresql’s log.

You can easily guess the days which the problem occurs: daylight saving times. After changing of clock for daylight saving, constraints and triggers become mad. I tried to several tricks, most of adding awareness to my constraints and triggers. However I am not satisfied from results, because not all programs logs its data with LMT, a few of them uses GMT. Hence it produces problems.

I find the best solution with using GMT on my servers.